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How to Fix Paper Jam issues in HP Printers


“Paper jam” is one of the most frequently occurring printer-issue which can be caused due to a number of reasons while using a printer. However HP offers an edge to its user, thus they encounter the paper-jam issue less often. But if any of the chance, an HP users come across the paper-jam issue, you can simply try the below-given methods of recovery, or get in touch with experts, by dialing HP printer phone number.

Please attentively read and perform!

Solution to the HP printer paper jam issue:

Every solution is different from others and should not be performed concurrently. It is recommended to detect the root cause of the paper-jam first and then perform the respective troubleshooting method.

Clean the paper tray:

  1. Open the paper tray and remove the leftover or stuck paper from the tray.
  2. Press and hold the Resume or Start button from the front panel of the printer.
  3. If you find any paper inside the tray, clear it in a gentle manner by starting from the mid-section.
  4. Make sure you remove all the leftovers and pieces of paper from the tray of the tray.

Clear the paper jam from the rear of the printer:

If you are facing an issue while loading the printer to the tray, you need to clear the paper jam from the rear of the printer. At the back of the printer, you will find the rear-access door or two-sided printing accessory.

In order to open the rear access panel, and clean the paper-leftovers, follow the steps mentioned underneath:

  • Look for the knob or the access tab which is presented at the back of the printer. Make sure you place the knob in the unlocked position.

  • Now, remove the panel and cleat the paper which has been stuck inside the rear of the printer

  • Thoroughly clean every piece of paper.

  • Place the rear panel back to its original position.

Remove paper from the front:

The stuck paper in front of your printer can not only cause paper jam but also triggers several other destructive issues. So it is necessary to remove the paper jam from the front panel of your HP printer. Very slowly pull the paper out and don’t be harsh even if it’s taking time. FYI, this step should be taken only when nothing else works for you.

Once you are done clearing the paper-jam, make sure the printer carriage moves freely:

  • Unplug the power cord from the printer as well as a power outlet.

  • Check if the printer carriage can move to the right side. If the carriage is not moving freely, do not force. Pushing the stuck carriage fiercely can cause damage to the printer.

  • Now, remove the ink cartridge

  • Clear if you have any paper stuck, without eliminating the drawer

  • Now, remove the rear access door or the two-sided printing module.

  • Replace the ink cartridges

  • Now turn on the printer.

Check for any hardware issue:

Sometimes, the issue with the hardware of your printer can cause the hardware issue. If the paper jam exists even after trying all the above-given methods, you must check them, if any hardware-malfunction is causing the issue. Especially, keep an eye out in the rollers of the printer. For any other hardware related error, you can reach out the HP Customer support number.

Paper-jam issue must be resolved with proper precautions, as a little negligence can cause severe destruction. It is recommended to call upon HP Printer Support Number if you find yourself unable to deal with the error.

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